Image of Wonders of Mini Golf

Wonders of Mini Golf


Wonders of Mini Golf
16 pages
Silkscreen / digital printing
Edition of 100

A catalogue of goofy mini golf facts and antidotes.

I majored in miniature golf in college, and for my thesis I played every course in Massachusetts, of which there where eighty four active courses and a handful of abandoned ghost courses. My interest was spurred by reports of a landmark orange dinosaur obstacle being toppled in an act of vandalism. I was struck by the vulnerable state of the game, and wanted to document as many courses as possible.

I've subsequently crafted a handful of holes and paintings on the topic, but this project was an opportunity for me to highlight my favorite visual aspects of the game. I love the utility and design choices of score cards and golf pencils. I romanticize the utopia in which you can find a church, alien, and dinosaur obstacle coexisting with shared purpose. I imagine how a kitschy bright orange Sphinx replica will capture the imagination of a kid, and how it's existence as an advertising tool is reaffirmed when that kid's parents are dragged into a round of golf.